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Temporary Changes at Hawthorn Farm Cottages - Summer 2020

We’re delighted to be opening up the cottages at Hawthorn Farm to holidaymakers after what seems an age, and we hope you are also excited about the prospect of having a long-awaited holiday in the beautiful Garden of England!
We’re determined that most new protocols will just go on in the background without you having to worry about them. Please rest assured that the cleanliness of the holiday cottages at Hawthorn Farm has always been paramount to us, and your safety, the safety of our housekeepers and the local community are at the forefront of everything we are doing. 

It is worth noting that just 1 person in 2,200 outside of institutions is believed to be infected, and scientists believe that under most circumstances, the amount of infectious virus on any contaminated surfaces is likely to have decreased significantly by 24 hours. We have therefore built into our booking system a minimum of a 32 hour gap between guests, in which time, the cottages will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised. We don’t want to bombard you with all the details such as the make of disinfectants we’re using and our full cleaning protocols; although we can give you that information should you require it. Our focus is on providing you with a comfortable, clean base so you can have an enjoyable and relaxing holiday in the peace of the Kent countryside and seaside.

We’ve tried to keep the tweaks and changes as minimal as possible, and these will be sent to our guests in good time before the start of their stay. Here is a summary of the main points:

1. You will be asked to let us know before you arrive, which beds you would like us to make up, as any beds not being used will remain un-made.

2. The lead booker will need to check that all members of their party are well before coming on holiday to Hawthorn Farm.

3. You will be asked to bring the following items with you (as applicable), as we’re not able to provide them at this time:

• Towels (as well as dog throws/towels if applicable)
• Tea-towels and oven gloves
• Washing-up gloves
• Kitchen roll, foil, cling film and toilet rolls (1 toilet roll will be in the cottage for when you arrive)
• Tea/Coffee/Sugar and condiments – salt/pepper, sauces, cooking oil, herbs etc.
• Books, games, toys and DVDs, as we won’t be able to sanitise each individual item that we usually have for our guests to share
• Your own bedding, if you don't want to use ours.

4. You will be welcome to check-in any time after 5pm. This is one hour later than usual, as it will give our housekeepers time to complete all the additional cleaning requirements.

5. During your stay, you will be asked to follow the government guidelines on hand washing, social distancing and disposal of any used tissues or wipes. Special care will need to be taken when using any shared facilities, such as the laundry room and playground equipment, but we have a large playing field and grounds where you can easily keep a comfortable, friendly distance from other guests!

6. Guests will be asked to use the dishwasher in preference to washing up by hand, as this keeps everything sanitised. Some items will be put into plastic bags or coverings, such as the first aid kit and remote controls for the TV/DVD to make them easier to disinfect between guests.

7. Be assured that if there isan exceptional reason for us or a third party needing to enter the cottage during your visit (for example to rectify an issue), then social distancing will be adhered to, and masks/gloves will be worn.

8. There should be no self-isolating in the cottages at Hawthorn Farm, so if anyone staying develops symptoms, they will be asked to leave immediately to take a covid-19 test and then self-isolate at home. In the unlikely event that anyone is unable to travel home, they will be need to pay for any extra days plus 3 further nights for deep cleaning to ensure the cottage is safe for future visitors.

9. In the event of a new government-imposed local or national lock-down, you will need to return home immediately. If we are forced to close Hawthorn Farm Cottages, we will give you a “credit” equivalent to the remainder of your stay. If the lock-down is in relation to your home area, then we would expect you to make a claim on your own travel insurance.

10. You will be given a short check-list to complete at the end of your stay, including leaving windows open (weather permitting!), stripping the beds, taking everything with you, including all unfinished food items, emptying bins, and cleaning or hoovering any obvious spills.

11. Check-out will be by 9.30am - half an hour earlier than usual, as our housekeepers will arrive promptly and need the cottage to be vacated at least one hour before they can enter.

This document will be reviewed and actions/guidelines amended as per latest government instructions.   Last updated 5th July 2020

For the most up to date general Public Health guidance, please visit: www.gov.uk/coronavirus